Being a SAHM aint easy!

It’s now been almost 6 weeks that Ryan has been out of pre-school. I’m starting to lose my mind a bit but mostly running out of ideas on how to keep them busy, how to keep my sanity and how to not cry in the bathroom at Barnes & Nobles after my 3 year old decided to have to biggest, most massive, blow out known to mankind, while playing with the train table in the Children’s section. I will never forget the look on his face (MIND YOU I JUST took him to the bathroom just minutes before the crime occured) when I looked him dead in the eye and asked “Ryan, do you have to go caca?”. His face, shifted just a tad as though he was, for just a moment in another world deep in thought and then looked at me and said, “No mommy.” I smiled, pulled him close to me, lovingly turned him around and pulled back his pants only to find a sea of sewage floating in his Thomas the Train underwear.

GAAAAAWD I NEED THE DIAPER BAG, GIVE ME THE DIAPER BAG NOWWWWWW! DON’T RUN! Just walk.. easy.. that’s it, don’t slosh it around, don’t ru-slow dowwwwn little boy!!!

30 minutes, half a forest of papertowels, 3 patiently waiting bathroom patrons later and I finally cleaned off any and all traces of pooh bear from his “I thought we mastered potty training” body. The pants and socks were bagged for evidence and he walked out of that store with his head held high and wearing only a pull up and his jacket. On my way out, my dad chuckles and says to me “Well I guess when you asked if he had to go caca he wasn’t lying, he had already sh*t his pants! haaahaaa!” “Har yah that’s a good one dad, I’m taking you home now.” lol, geeez what a day!

But, hey! At least I have this fun little collage to mislead others into believing that sh*t doesn’t happen when you’re a SAHM, only peaches and ice cream filled days. Have a great weekend everyone, go bake some cookies!

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One Comment

  1. Marlise Rael wrote:

    you are a great mother. he was just soo involved and consumed by Thomas. Mistakes happen. You have me here whenever you need/want a break. I am happy to take them whenever!

    love you!