Christmas in October? Ohhh yes!!!!

You know, there are times when I think my husband doesn’t listen. Doesn’t truly understand me or my passions at all. Many times when I think “Surely, he can’t be serious.” And then I laugh because I just played back that classic scene from Airplane!

lol… Man that’s a classic.

But he does! He does listen, even though he doesn’t acknowledge my cries of frustration and limitation, he is “listening” and storing that information so that one day while I gaze into the distant dream of a camera upgrade, he can float down from the stairs and say unto me: “Wife! Stop your babbling and whine no more. For today the heavens sing and the light of my good grace has shined upon you!” {blinks} Haha, okay if he ever came down the stairs and spoke to me like that he would be begging for mercy after I was done dying from laughter. But a more subtle whisper of “Merry Christmas in October, lets get your camera.” is enough to make me so giddy and excited that I would even dare write such silly post!

And so here it is (it’s still an it as I am still overcome by joy to decide on a name, hehe!)


And you know what the funny thing is? As soon as that camera came out of the box, the babies started asking me to take their pictures… my.heart.just.stopped. YES! YES I WILL take your pictures! Let me put in the battery, check, and now a memory card, che..what the hell? CF CARD SLOT ONLY???? AAARrrrrrghhhh! And so, I wait until tomorrow when the man in brown brings me my CF Cards. It’s painful. lol!


So Merry Christmas in October, to everyone that received an early Christmas gift! And if you got something unexpected this year, share it in the comments! (So we can be giddy together!)

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