Denver Child Photographer | Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone had an awesome day, whether if it was with a special person or just pampering yourself! I have to admit that I’m not your typical gushy girl, I long ago nixed the flowers (I kept the chocolates, bonus points if it has either caramel or cherries in it!) and cards and instead opted for a dinner out ANOTHER night just to avoid the madness. Frito Pie, my lucky hubby, has it so easy.

But the best part about these holidays is that I have another excuse to go crazy at Michael’s and prop shopping! I then get to dress up the kiddos and take some silly and cute pictures of them, plaster them all over the walls and desks of loved one’s and then just sit back and plan for the next one! It really is an endless cycle but it’s fun and as they get older we’ll be able to up the ante!

So, for this year I had a huge vision of what I wanted to do, but budget cuts (haha, yes we SAHMs have budget cuts too!) and snow storms cut into planning and we had to make a few compromises but it all worked out in the end and I can’t wait to pass out their gifts later this week!

And so here they are, Munchichi and MikValentine!

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