Family Fun Day

This past weekend I think we all (in Texas) can agree that we ENJOYED the cooler temps of mid 90’s. And you know it’s gonna be a good day when I wake up, wash up and before I can even grab a cup of coffee I ask Alan “Have you ever heard of some water wall?”, he asks what it is, “It’s a wall.. with water, Alan. Hence, WaTer WALL, come on!” Blank stares carry a lot of weight in this household. :) He asks where it is and I reply, “It’s like west of Houston or over there somewhere…” and make a gesture towards the window towards some far away land where unicorns and fairies dance among the glittery daisies found at the bottom of a mystical water wall. :| <--- Blank stare. "Google it. I'm going to start packing the diaper bag!" And so we packed up the kids, strollers, water, tennis shoes, inhalers, emergency first aid, dum-dums and sunblock, all the essentials for venturing out into the wild unknown terrain of the Houston City limits because we're spontaneous, adventure seeking souls! Two hours later, 3 diaper and 2 wardrobe changes later we FINALLY walk out the door and our drive goes like this: Ryan: HAPPY DIRRRRRTDAY DEAAAR SISSSTERRRRR, HAPPY DIRRRRRTDAAAAY TOOOO JESUS! Not Jesus, gosh. ABCDSTDLMNO-GOSH. Daddy, go up, go up daddy, noooo go down, DADDY TRAIN TRACKS, STOOOOOOP, HAPPY DIRRRRTDAAAAAY NO BROTHER MY TRAIN NOT NICE, MOMMY RYAN HAS JUICE? Me: So how far is Galleria? What direction are we heading, is there a navigation, compass, or something in here? Why do we have to go ALL THE WAY AROUND just to get to Houston, can't we just go straight up 45? I just don't understand why we can't get there going straight. Alan, we're going in a huge circle, this is insane! I'll google it. OMG CAN WE GO LOOK AT THOSE OLD BUILDINGS AND TAKE PICTURES???? Siate: This is sooo lame. ughhh... Ryan, stop touching me, no RYAAAAAAAN NOT NICE! MOM! Mikayla is dripping her bottle everywhere, eeewwwww it's on my pants!!!! Mikayla: laughing, babbling, crying, laughing, sleep. Alan: :| <---- Blank stare. Okaaaay everyone look for a big wall of water. And here it is.

How many takes does it take to take a picture… You remember this question from my last blog post, yes?

“Siate, sit closer to Mikayla.”

“Where’s Ryan? ALAN! BRING RYAN!” See him in the background holding Ryan and pointing up?

Ahhh finally… “MOMMY, PUPPIES, RYAN WANTS PUPPIES!!!” “Wait, Ryan open your eyes! Ahh forget it, go chase the puppies.”

Hi Mikayla. Dear sweet Mikayla. :)

And that summed up our spontaneous, spur of the moment, live by the seat of our pants, family day out. We then walked over to the mall (which is HUUUUGE! It has an Ice Rink IN the mall, insane.), had lunch then drove back home. All three kids were passed out and Alan was happy. The end.

FYI: Images shot with our “family point and shoot” camera, all out of focus, settings all out of wack because Alan “played” with it a while back and I don’t understand why there’s a floating box selecting random faces/areas for a focal point when CLEARLY that’s not what I want to focus on. LOL, and to think I promised to leave the big camera at home for family outings because as Alan said “Not every outing has to be a photo op, Kristina.” Pffft!

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