Have a holly jolly Christmas…| Denver Child Photographer

It’s the best time of the year, and indeed it is! I absolutely love, LOVE LOOOOOVE Christmas! I love the lights, the sounds, the smell of snow, the music, the life, everything! What does this time of year mean to me and why is it so special?

For me, Christmas isn’t the same without family and tradition(s), cold weather, snow and hot cocoa. In our own little family we build gingerbread houses, bake cookies, get together with family and decorate the house. I suck royally at being a decorative person, if it’s tacky you’re looking for, come to our house. It doesn’t help that my husband is semi-redneck and would rather just leave the lights up all year, set up the turkey fryer in our front yard and drag an old couch out there with it, lol, but at least it’s themed right? Huh.. Maybe we should decorate the front lawn like that this year, OMG that would be hilarious!!!!

Haha, okaaaay….. But until I search Craigslist for that run down shabby couch, I went ahead and picked up some speeeeectacular props and was able to finally put them to use the other day AND finally get the kids’ holiday pics done! First session in our house since we’ve been back and I wore my 10 year old torn up jogging working out looking should probably throw them away shorts, faded pink tank top and my husband says “So when you start booking REAL sessions, is that what you’re going to wear??” Silly man. I’ll put on jeans for the sake of professionalism! lol

To which my dad adds the next day ‎”You look like a bum, always wearing those ripped up jeans, how about some clothes for xmas? Or do you want that flash?” “Dad, who needs new clothes? They age, go out of style and rip anyways, but a flash.. a flash is forever.” hehe

So clearly my idea of wearing my fav jeans has been nixed. But in my own defense I have to say that I’ve never been one to dress myself. My sister used to pick out my outfits when we were kids, I’d ask her to style my hair for picture day (once.. never again. Remember the late 80’s, early 90’s big hair thing? Not cool for a 5th grader). And even now you’ll find me wearing jeans and either a pink, red, black, brown or tan shirt, tank top, or sweater. One look into my closest and you’d think that I spray painted everything black. My pink tank is in my drawer.

And look, I dressed up Mik and did her hair the other day, she looks like a rockstar and totally matches!

Alright, alright enough laughing. I know her cheese face is adorable but back to business here. So yes, this weekend I was able to get their Christmas photos done and use some new props and I’m a happy girl!

Happy Holidays!

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