Denver Baby Photographer | 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

So on our trip out to CO I had the opportunity to photograph little N’s first birthday Cake Smash! Oh, my goodness this boy is just ADORABLE! Mom warned me that it would take some time for him to “warm up”, being a stranger and all. So I arrived a little earlier to get to know him, shake hands, exchange recipes, whatever it took to get him to open up and in the end all it took was a quirky little smile from me and a TON of big grins from him! I think he likes me. :) I was just thrilled that I had been accepted into his circle in just a matter of a few short minutes!

We started off with a few cute candids, Great-Grandparents had a uh, friend, to assist in keeping the riff raff out of their beautiful yard. You’ll meet him at the end, I don’t think he liked me but I was able to manhandle him a few times to get the shot I wanted, lol!

And so, without further delay, CHEERS to you on your 1st birthday and happy Cake Smashin!

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