Houston Baby Photographer | Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest girl in my life!

It’s crazy to think a year ago today, I was in bed thinking “Wow, my stomach REALLY hurts.” and Alan hands me a bunch of Tums, neither of us knew that by the time we woke up later that morning that I would be in labor, 3 weeks early, with our baby girl. I remember coming out of the doctors office, scared and totally unprepared and telling my mother-in-law “I’m in labor. I have to go to the hospital, now. I have to go right now.” And then I just started crying.

Mikayla was born just a few hours later by emergency c-section. She weighed 6lbs 7oz, had a head full of hair, long fingers and long skinny feet. She was absolutely perfect and I fell in love with her immediately. Over the last year she’s definitely put us through a series of tests… challenges I guess we could call them and we had no choice but to accept them! But as we’ve watched her grow and develop, she has continued to amaze us with her charming ways, her dedication to overcome (or overthrow), determination to keep up with her older bros and her constant desire to learn. Everything is something new and wonderful to her and everything about her is new and wonderful to us.

Happy Birthday Mikayla, you truly are a blessing and the final piece in making our family whole. We love you Mikackles!

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