How to Afford Custom Photography | Aurora Portrait Photographer

I have read a number of blog posts over the years on various approaches that photographers take to try to explain to clients and non-professional photographers on why photography “costs so much”. I have to say that while all points are dead on what it costs US to be in this profession, I feel that sometimes these articles are not helpful to clients that are trying to find ways to afford the photographer(s) they love.

An excellent and well written article by Infiniti Photography, “How to Find a Wedding Photographer on a Budget.” provides OPTIONS as well as explaining why some alternatives do not work.

Custom photography is not only an investment but it’s convenient, it’s creative, it’s unique to your own family and session and they’re FUN! And while it does come with a higher price than a chain studio it doesn’t have to be out of reach for you.

Although this article is geared towards wedding clients, it certainly applies towards any other type of photography.

How to Find a Wedding Photographer on a Budget

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