I’m still here!

I haven’t dropped off the planet or into a coma, we’ve just been super busy and I’ve been battling allergies and asthma, yay! Grandma has come to visit us for a week and we are all just so thrilled to have her here, I think that to show her appreciation and love for ‘mama Mikayla is going to start crawling soon! Eesh, better dig out the baby gates!

I’ve got a ton of pictures from the last few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to even sort through, but I’ll get there and will update the blog as soon as I can. Be sure to look for “Frito” and I’s latest excursion. It’s amazing how childish we are.. without the children for a few hours, hehe!

Until then, here’s a little sampling on something that I’ve been working on. Dippin my toes and testing the waters, so far I like it. A little more heavy on the editing brush than I like but for fun, I think it works!

Enjoy the weekend! Having fun with Photoshop

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