MikDiva’s Two Year Portraits | Denver Child Photographer

Denver Child Photographer, Milestone & Birthday Portraits

Yes it’s been a few months since her actual birthday but I’m getting caught up blogging all the great sessions I had this year! One, of course is our own daughter’s two year portrait session, which I in true Kristina form just randomly, sporadically, on the fly decided to do one day. That’s how I roll, people! No planning! Most times it backfires horribly, but that day it turned out FAAAANTASTIC… After she had a nap. Let me show you.


Naptime, naptime, naptime. Puhlease schedule your child’s photo session according to their happy time. In this case, starting 20 minutes before her naptime was a HORRIBLE idea. But after naptime, I got THESE!

Eh.. for whatever reason the mood for the day was “lets stick our tongues out!”  :)

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