Newborn Sessions | What to Expect

Newborn Sessions | What to Expect

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Newborn Sessions have quickly become my favorites! There’s nothing more rewarding than spending my day cuddling with a newborn baby and this is why I have chosen newborns as one of my specialties.

To help my new parents be prepared for their session, I’ve put together this little information sheet that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

When we book your newborn session, the first thing I will need to know is your due date. Babies will arrive when they’re good and ready, so if she’s early or decides to bake a while longer that’s totally fine! Just let me know how you’re doing and keep me up to date as we get closer to you due date.

When your baby arrives, please contact me so that we can lock down a date and time for your session. It is so important that your session is completed within the first 10 days of being born. Ideally, within the first 5-7. Newborns grow incredibly fast and will quickly start to adjust to their new outside world. After 10 days, newborns will usually begin to develop baby acne, cradle cap, become more aware (and awake) for longer periods and this is usually when they decide to toss any type of a schedule out the window! The first few days they are still sleepy and “fresh”, allowing me to put them into specific poses and props.

Next, we’ll need to discuss the type of photos you’re looking for. There are so many options out there and they are all based on personal preference, so it’s important for you to decide what type of shots are important to you. Do you want only photos of your new baby? Do you, dad or siblings want to be included? Do you prefer more traditional/studio type shots or more lifestyle shots? I break my sessions into two types, studio or lifestyle.

Lifestyle Sessions are more intimate and may include mom, dad and siblings interacting with their new baby within the first few days of life. These sessions are less posing and more documentary style filled with natural lighting and less hands on direction. A few simple poses may be done utilizing any blankets or special items that you have in your home.

Studio Sessions are more hands on with a mixture of natural and artificial lighting. When you choose this session, you’ll have access to my current selection of props, wraps, blankets, and backdrops. In these types of sessions, the focus is mostly on your new baby. These sessions take time and patience as we pose your new baby to achieve specific shots so allow for more time, closer to the 3 hour mark.

If you have other children that you would like to have photographed with your baby, please be prepared to have someone with you to help. Newborn babies can either be knocked out sleeping the whole time or very sensitive to surrounding noises. Having younger children (toddler/preschool age) at the session for the entire length will quickly become boring for them, so please be sure to have activities to keep them entertained or they’re welcome to play with my own children’s toys but will need to clean up when they’re done. If at all possible, I ask that Dad or another helper come with you in case I need your assistance with your baby right away (feeding, changing, a finger to suck on if a pacifier isn’t provided, etc).

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Preparing for your session
What should you wear? Dress for comfort! I usually do not do a formal family shot at a newborn session and because newborn babies are not quite able to fill out those cute newborn outfits, they’re always naked or wrapped up. So coming to the session in your Sunday best will most likely end up with you being very hot and uncomfortable. If you are in any photos, you’ll most likely only be photographed from the waist up, so a simple black or white tank top or long sleeve shirt is best. And as always you are welcome to bring something more comfortable with you to change into afterwards.

If we are shooting in your home in a more lifestyle approach then I would highly recommend having someone do some light cleaning before I arrive. And by that I only mean putting away dirty laundry, dishes, etc from any of the rooms we’ll be shooting in. Please know that I have 3 kids of my own, a dog and husband that works in the steel industry, a dirty house doesn’t scare me one bit but anything left out will be forever imprinted in your newborn photos. Common areas of photographing include the nursery, living room and/or master bedroom.

Things to bring with you –
Special items that you want photographed such as headbands, hats, jewelry, etc. I have an assortment of props and accessories but sometimes what I have may not be what you like or maybe you have a special scarf that was your grandmothers or head piece that you purchased yourself.

Wipes and cloth diapers. Naked babies means that there will be some messes, and newborn babies poop pretty often, so in between poses and during feedings it’s best to keep a cloth diaper on as the disposable diapers can leave red marks and the velcro tabs can make enough noise to wake them up. When you arrive we’ll put him into a cloth diaper immediately or you can have him in one before you/I arrive.

A pacifier is very nice and helpful in soothing your baby back to sleep, but I respect your decision if you have decided to not give one to your baby. If so, please be prepared and ready to provide your finger or nurse if we need to sooth him back to sleep. I will use my own methods of shushing and swaying but sometimes that’s not enough and he needs to go back to mom for a few minutes.

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The day of your session and what to expect
If possible, please do not feed your baby before travelling to my home. A full baby is a sleepy baby and we want him sleeping while at his session and not in the car ride over. This may require soothing baby with a pacifier until you arrive or feeding him a little bit earlier before you leave. If it can not be avoided, don’t worry. We’ll work on other images while he’s awake. Once you arrive at my home you’ll have some time to relax, feed your baby and change him before we begin. You can either have him in a cloth diaper on the way over or change him into one when you arrive and are feeding him to allow time for any marks to fade away.

Newborn sessions are long and very warm. If shooting in my home studio I keep the thermostat at about 75 degrees and ask that if we’re shooting at your home that you do the same. They can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, so please be sure to schedule other appointments and visitors well after the session has ended. I know everyone is anxious to meet your new baby, but it’s so important that we limit the people at your session so that we can get the images that we’re after in the time that is allowed.

And as always, I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have about your newborn session!

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