Pack Rat | Denver’s PREMIER Hoarding Photographer

Do you ever over pack when you go on trips? I used to be that girl that had a suitcase for heels, a suitcase for purses and accessories, another for hair products (hello hairspray!!!), then another for clothes. I brought my entire room with me, lol! Since becoming a mom of 3 I’ve scaled down considerably. I was quite proud of myself to pack me and my 3 kids into ONE suitcase for 4 days and STILL have room, booyah! lol, I know. No one says that. But I just did!

But I guess for what I didn’t pack in clothing, I packed in camera gear. Holy hell I brought the whole “studio” with me and you know what I used? My everyday set up that I keep in my purse! I lugged that damn heavy bag from CO to KS and back and never touched a single piece of equipment! Why did I do that? Simple. I am a hoarder. A pack rat. I fear that one day I am going to need something and then I won’t have it! Yes, those twisties from your bread can be saved and used for something. I haven’t figured out what yet, because currently paper clips and rubber bands seem to meet my expectations, but one day I may need to build some sort of chandelier and my little baggie of twisties will save me!

I just love to keep things and in all fairness there has been plenty of times that I have been able to put something to use… …… ….I can’t think of it just this second but I do recall telling Alan, “A HA! SEE! I was RIGHT!” Lol, then again I say that a lot anyways.

Speaking of twisties, I think Alan threw my collection away.

What is the point of this post, Kristina? I have no idea. Maybe I’m silently hoping that somewhere out there someone shares the same passion as I do. Most likely not, but hey, it’s a blog post!

ps… this is how my mind works, all day, every day. I have to keep up with myself and it’s more exhausting than keeping up with the babies! Have a great Wednesday folks!

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