Photo Caddy for hire!

What the heck is so exciting about lugging around someone else’s equipment, running like mad men through the streets, racing down quiet residential streets, hitting dips and spilling your Redbull in your lap? The freakin adrenaline, the energy, the rush, being in the moment, being part of that moment, staking claim to creating something memorable that will bring a smile and joy to someone’s heart for years after the fact and still smiling about it a week later. :)

Last week I responded to an ad for a wedding photographer’s assistant, I thought it’d be a second shooter position, I apparently did not read “assistant” but lets not talk about my awesome speed reading capabilities! I honestly did not think that I’d get a response back, it was after the cut off date (again, speed reading right past that little tid bit) and I hadn’t “officially” played second shooter anyways.

But the next day I was hired. Just like that. I found out that this was not a second shooter position (duh, read the ad Kristina) and instead it would entail a lot of grunt work. Mmmhmm, good ol hard labor, lugging a 50# bag of equipment, holding a light stand up like all day and night, responsible for all the equipment from batteries to bodies to lenses to lens caps. I was a bit hesitant at first, but hell a day of work is like a day “off” for me and I gladly accepted the “challenge”.

And let me tell you, if you’ve ever said that you are a fast learner and can literally pick up and run with it you better bring it to the next “photo caddy 1 day of no training convention” and lets see what you can do! Because let me tell you something else, on the job training takes on a whole new meaning when you’re live and on go time from the start!

Through out the entire day I could just feel the energy and good vibes pulsing through me, I laughed with the bridesmaids, joked with the guys, smiled all night and just felt amazing. By the end of the night, my feet were sore, my back was beginning to ache, but damnit that smile was still on my face.

Wedding photographers, you people are amazing. The amount of stress, pressure, excitement, thrills, chills and automobiles that you have to endure while jumping through the hoops and loops is pretty freakin fantastic! Go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back and if you’re next to another wedding photog, pat them too. :)

Thank you so much for the experience, I loved every minute of it!

Photo Caddy

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