Rest in Peace | Michael Maynes

Sunday morning I woke up and started my day just like any other lazy Sunday. I cooked breakfast (that no one ate), taunted my husband who was nursing a hangover from the “Open bar, man!” night before and BS’d with my sister. I, in no way, could have ever prepared myself or even imagined that in just a few minutes I would be opening my Facebook account to read the news that our “little” cousin, Michael Maynes, had passed away earlier that morning.

The last time I saw my cousin was for his beautiful daughter’s portrait session back in May 2010. She was just a couple months old and I loved her to pieces. Mike was scruffy as most new dads are, but even with his stubble and messy hair he was so handsome and charming. He was so good with holding Milan, laughed through out the session and now I kick myself for not doing the shot of them overlooking downtown Denver, like he wanted. It was pretty damn cold out and Miranda and I didn’t want little Milan to get sick. I never saw my cousin again after that day, I’m sad that my time away robbed me of spending time with Mom before she passed away from cancer last October and now from seeing my cousin again. The last time I “spoke” to him was on facebook a week or so ago, I gave him some websites to check out and before that another cousin of ours and I taunted him on a little rant he posted. We laughed pretty good over it, well, we LOL’d.

The other night I had to look through (still) unpacked boxes to find the CD of their first portrait session as a family and while it broke my heart going through those pictures, they also made me smile. To see the three of them, as a family, it made my heart sing. Milan is so lucky to have had the time she did with her papa, and she’s blessed to have his family and friends to keep his memory alive as she grows older. Mike was also blessed to have been able to experience love, life and laughter with his family and friends, his love Miranda and his heart, Milan.

And so, my dear sweet cousin. I say goodnight, we love you and we’ll see you again in Heaven. Rest peacefully and continue to make us smile.

February 6, 1983 – December 11, 2011

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