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YARRR! LOL, I have no idea where that came from. I just really wanted to yell that out loud but since the kids are sleeping I’ll type it loudly!

Oh man so where to start with this FAB wedding? Well, to start off this one really touched my heart, there were so many similarities with this wedding to my own wedding and add on top of that they are Air Force, hello! Air Force brat here! My dad drilled me to find out their ranks, where they’re stationed, how they met, when they graduated from the Air Force Academy, and so on and so on, he was pretty excited too. :)

And did I mention that ALL of this happened while she was stationed in Hawaii and her lucky beau in Mississippi??? YAH! Imagine how incredibly honored I was to have this amazing couple from opposite sides of the country AND the Pacific choose me! Hey, I’m not boasting here, but yah I’m still reeling from it!

So sweet Jessica emailed me just TWENTY FIVE days before their wedding, I thought this girl was silly! A wedding in 25 days, who does that? …crickets… okay well apparently I’m not the only one that plans a wedding in 4 weeks or less, which automatically made me looove her! Over the next 25 days (which flew by and felt more like 2 weeks) Jessica and I chatted back and forth about the details of their wedding, my wacky husbands weekend renovations, and by the time we FINALLY met on the day of her wedding I swear it was like we were besties from high school!

Everything about this wedding, about this couple reminded me so much of me and my Frito Pie. From the details, to the simplicity of the wedding, to the beautiful mountain location, but most importantly because this wedding wasn’t about the guest list, the venue, the fancy delicious cake and bubbly. It was simply about love. Pure, unconditional, passionate, love, the kind of love that hurts from the sheer strength and bond between two people. I’m telling you, just being within a few feet from this couple and we could FEEL it radiating between them. It was pretty awesome. :)

And so, within a few short hours of meeting, Alan and I not only photographed, but also witnessed the beautiful union of two perfect souls. Thank you so much, Jessica and Justin, for allowing us to be a part of your wedding and for continually making sacrifices everyday to serve our country for the freedoms we enjoy today… and of course for listening to me rant via text about my crazy husbands idea to totally demolish my kitchen while I was out of town…. which can you believe it’s still unfinished? LOL! Many wishes to a lifetime of happiness and PATIENCE with one another!

And for everyone else, here are my fav’s from their wedding in Vail, Colorado, enjoy!

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