Colorado Baby & Wedding Photographer | 2014 Price Change

What better way to spend a -12 degree day, working on new Digital Packages for 2014, hooray! Maybe if it’s this cold more often I can finally tackle my “Pinterest To Do” list…. mmmm nah! I’d rather have warmer weather now, please!

So big change in packages. Our world is constantly changing, kids are becoming more clever, technology brings us new and amazing little gadgets every day and in the photography world there is a big shift going on that can no longer be avoided. Clients are becoming more digital savvy, they love their phones and tablets and why not?! I use my phone to share images of our kids all the time. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, G+, PINTEREST (all caps = loooove it!) we’re in constant motion and we want.. no.. we NEED information at our fingertips! I asked clients and fans on my Facebook page what they would be most interested in when choosing or searching for a photographer. The request for digital images to be included in sessions fees was louder than the little Who’s screaming to Horton, “WE ARE HERE, WE ARE HERE!”. Haha, ummm…I think I’ll have to watch that movie tonight with the babies (or step away from the coffee)!

You have always had access to your online galleries to share your images, but now you’ll have the option to book a digital package and receive those images FASTER! Once your gallery is up, a quick email sending me your favorites and BAM, your download link will be sent that same day! Ready to learn more and see it for yourself? Skip on over to my pricing page and read about the new changes!

Thank you so much for making Rice Bowl Photography a growing success! And bring on Summaaa time! This cold has got to go!

Kristina :)

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