It ‘aint easy | Houston Baby Photographer

I love snapping photo’s of my family. They’re my life, my inspiration, my muses and my motivation. They’re everything. But the one thing they’re not, is camera friendly! Ryan spent the last year literally RUNNING away from me and my camera, hiding, giving me sour faces and just flat out refused to have his picture taken. I thought I’d have another anti-camera child on my hands, which was kinda sad since it was his fault that I got so into portraiture! LOL, yes it was his fault, he started this madness!

Then Mikayla came along and I’m sure he was relieved to have the camera out of his face and into hers. She played along, until she got mobile, then I had two running away from me in opposite directions. I put the camera away for a while and rethought my approach. I finally concluded that they needed something to divert their attention from me and my camera to something else. So I bought a chair and painted it. This worked… if I wanted to document the many trials of climbing variations, fighting and them playing king of the hill on it! But finally… and we’re talking a few months, Ryan began to enjoy having his picture taken, he even fires off a huge grin and says “CHEEEEEEESE” through clenched teeth. A bit overplayed, but I’ll take it!

But, we still have Mikayla. The ever moving target that refuses to stay still. Not in a chair, not in a box, not with a fox, not with.. you get my point. This kid is constantly on the go and I’ve trashed hundreds of images because of it. She also is on accessory strike, refuses to wear bands and insists on being a little acrobatic monkey and climbing on things. So when it came time to try and get some pictures of her and her cousin E, you can bet that there were no smile and lots of running off! Oh well.

And so here are a few of my recent attempts, these are my keepers however I still have one more themed shoot for Little Miss Mobility and then I’ll give them some time off… until Halloween atleast! Enjoy!

See what I mean, it’s like she’s mocking me.

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