There goes my baby | Denver Teen Photographer

Sophomore year! I can’t even begin to express the emotions that were going through me as I took my first born, my BABY, to his friends house for his first Homecoming Dance. If I could have gone with him, I totally would have! But it’s just one of many firsts where I have to stop and let him go. It brought me back to kindergarten, his first day of school and remembering all the parents lined up outside the door holding hands with their excited little tots anxiously waiting for that door to open. And when that bell sounded, all of their little faces lit up as their teacher opened the door and greeted them with a warm smile. I remember walking him inside and seeing some parents tear up a bit, hug and say bye a few too many times, and I thought “Geez it’s JUST kindergarten.” I guess 10 years ago I didn’t worry too much about my baby growing up because I knew I had so much time ahead of us and it seemed like this day would never come, I was safe.

But here we are, Sophomore year and before I know it I’ll be walking with him to graduation where I’ll stand and watch other parents tear up, hug their babies a few too many times, and I’ll be doing the same exact thing. I don’t think I’m ready but atleast I have a couple more years, and I’m still safe! (which in reality reads “I’m in denial”.)

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